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Mommy To Be Not Longer Planning Overwhelmed. Houston Wedding Photographer.

Sunnycrest Photographer

Planning an event is something I am not familiar with. I have never attempted to plan anything not even a birthday party. But there is always a first time for everything, right? it looks like planning my baby shower will be my first.

I will be the first to say that I was a bit overwhelmed at first, there were nights where all I could think about was baby shower details. I just felt like I was all over the place and nothing was getting accomplished. I always thought that planning a wedding was a big task because it’s a WEDDING! I never understood how much the little details can make you lose your mind and sometimes sleep. I am just planning a small, intimate event and I am just discovering how much work goes into it. I can only imagine what is like planning a wedding. So my hat is off to you, lovely and brave brides who are on the process of planning a wedding, Please pat yourself in the back, you DESERVE IT!!!

But this mommy to be, has gotten things under control. All I needed to do was to start making a list of things that need priority, such location and guest list. Once that was done, things just started to fall into place and now this mommy to be is no longer overwhelmed. Now it’s all happy planning!




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