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Doggies. That’s how Jordan & I clicked at our first consultation. We both happened to have very fabulous Shih Tzu puppies and we just could not help but to exchange puppy pictures at the end of our consultation. It was a match made in HEAVEN!

But of course we did not just talked about our dogs, we could have but we didn’t. Jordan shared her excitement about becoming Mrs. Cruz. You see Jordan & Will at times could barely spend time together due to their schedules & living far from each other. So they just couldn’t wait to live together as husband & wife.

Their wedding day took place March 16th, 2013 at the father of the bride’s chapel in Houston. It was a very intimate & heart-felt wedding. Here are my favorite photos of their day. Enjoy!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Jordan’s shoes! Everyone knows or needs to know I LOVE anything SPARKLY. SunnycrestPhotography-2


All I have to say is; I had such much FUN capturing Jordan’s details! LOVE, LOVE details, LOVE them more than candy. 🙂





Jordan wanted a creative photo showing off the rings & her wishes were my command. SunnycrestPhotography-11

Before the wedding was over we went outside to have some fun & trust me we did! The following shot was all Jordan & Will’s idea.


Jordan & Will were so much fun to work with. I just couldn’t have asked for a funner, sweeter, lovelier couple.


This is my favorite shot of the day. They are just too stinking CUTE!


Thank you so much guys for being SUPER SWEET & having me as your photographer. Love y’all to pieces. I wish you guys THE BEST!


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