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5 yr. Anniversary Part 2. Houston Wedding Photographer.

After quitting my job, taking a break from UH I decided to buy my first digital camera with the last little bit of savings I had left. I just truly missed taking photos, I did not want to give photography up & I wanted to keep practicing. But I wanted to take it one step further and start practicing with people instead of just objects. Then I remembered Craigslist, while I was in school I used it to find models for photography projects. So I posted an ad for any aspiring models who were interested in getting their photo taken for free.

Houston Photographer

Suddenly one day I received an email from a bride, she had seen my ad on Craigslist and wanted to know if I was interested in Shooting her wedding. She explained that she was having a “very” small wedding and she did not have the budget for a photographer. I was a bit surprised to receive her email, I had never thought about shooting weddings before, I have never been to a wedding before! It was unexpected to say the least. I was honest with her and I let her know I had no experience whatsoever but if she was still interested in having me, then I was happy to do it. That right there, was probably to some the worst decision I could have ever made & I completely understand that but for me it was THE BEST decision I have ever made in my life.


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