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5 yr. Anniversary Part 1. Houston Wedding Photographer.

-SunnycrestPhotography-This upcoming January 26, 2013 will be a very special day for me because I will be celebrating my 5 yr. anniversary. It will be Sunnycrest Photography’s birthday! So I thought this year I would share more about how it all came to happen in a 5 day series of posts. Fun!

So let’s start at the beginning shall we? Right after high school I attended the University Of Houston Main Campus. I was not sure about what I wanted to major in to be perfectly honest. So when the clock started ticking I basically just walked into the Arts building looked through the brochures of the majors they offered and I kind of chose Graphic Communications. That was my first option but after speaking with the arts counselor I decided that was not for me. So I went for plan B, which was “photography” Yay! And I will never forget the counselor’s words to me: “You know photography is not just about pretty pictures” And boy was she right!

My first semester was a bit rough, between learning how to shoot with a film camera(keep in mind, I had never seen, heard or held a film camera in my life!) Learning how to develop my own photos in a DARK ROOM! And then on top of that try to get some artistic & abstract images? I never even heard the word abstract before in my life. It was just a bit too much, it was too OVERWHELMING!

By my second semester I was not as overwhelmed at school but, I was unhappy at work. I was blessed to have had a job that helped me pay my tuition at UH for a couple of years & I will always be grateful to that company. Unfortunately, by the end of my second semester I decided to quit my job & due to that I had to take a break. No job meant no money for school. I cried so hard when I was not able to enroll and continue my photography education. I cried a lot. But now I know god had a different plan for my life and now I know that when one door closes, trust me another OPENS! 🙂


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