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2012 Wedding Faves. Houston Wedding Photographer.

2012 was an Amazing year, I cannot complain! I had the pleasure to meet & work with very lovely brides & grooms. Needless to say, I am SUPER excited to see what 2013 has in store for Sunnycrest Photography. Happy New Year!

Crystal & James. Wedding at Carother’s Coastal Gardens.

Houston Wedding Photographer.. cj-30 cj-49 cj-53 cj-98 cj-138 cj-170 cj-193 cj-197 cj-226 cj-236 cj-249 cj-261 cj-282 cj-283 cj-285 cj-291 cj-293 cj-325 cj-355

Samantha & Stephen. Wedding At La Tranquila Ranch.

Houston Wedding Photographer. ss-61 ss-65 ss-109 ss-111 ss-153 ss-173 ss-181 ss-243 ss-314 ss-316

Sarah & Reiss. Wedding At Belle Rose Maison.

Houston Wedding Photographer. dsc_0038 dsc_8070 dsc_7977 dsc_0080

Alex & Mark. Wedding At The Houstonian.

Houston Wedding Photographer. am-74-21 am-167-21 am-197-21 am-201-21 am-283-21 am-285-21 am-427-21 am-454-21

Rachel & Justin. Wedding At The Lyceum.

Houston Wedding-Photographer. houston-wedding-photographer-9 houston-wedding-photographer-7 sunnycrest-photography-12

Jennifer & Chad. Wedding At The FantaSea Yacht.

Houston Wedding Photographer. dsc_3723-2 dsc_4020 dsc_4048-2 dsc_4049-2 dsc_4050-2 dsc_4051-2 dsc_4052-2 dsc_4053-2 dsc_4054-2 dsc_4055-2 dsc_4463 dsc_4467 dsc_4562-2 dsc_4594-2 dsc_4620-2 dsc_4647-2 dsc_4652-2 dsc_4675-2 dsc_4691-2 dsc_4708-2 dsc_4709-2 dsc_4817-2 dsc_4831-2 dsc_4842-2 dsc_4862-2 dsc_4864-2 dsc_4865-2

It was an HONOR working with all these wonderful couples! Thank You so much for choosing Sunnycrest Photography.

Happy Day & Remember To Accessorize.

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