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Wedding At The FantaSea Yacht. Kemah Wedding Photographer.

Jennifer & Chad met back in High School, they went on one date and lost touch after afterwards. Years later they reconnected through Facebook and on December 1, 2012 they tied the knot. They chose The FantaSea Yacht to celebrate their wedding day with all their family and friends.

I started the magnificent wedding day early at the hotel where Jennifer was getting ready.

Sunnycrest Photography-Houston Wedding Photographer.

Jennifer got a bit emotional during hair and make up, she had to take  a minute to herself.  

Little Ella just knew the right thing to say mommy to make her smile. She told Jennifer that she looked PRETTY!

Jennifer’s maid of honor had this hanger specially made for Mrs. Petty. So very sweet!

Beautiful Vera Wang Shoes.

Oh how I LOVE details! Specially details like Jennifer tote bag.

Time for some bubbly! DSC_3831 Oh My Gosh! Didn’t she looked just Ravishing!!

There is nothing sweeter than a tender moment between mother & daughter.

This is the face Jennifer made when she heard a song playing on the radio with the following lyrics; “Marry Me”

Wasn’t Jennifer’s vintage hair just AMAZING!  

I LOVED the fact that Jennifer & Chad had no problem seeing each other before the ceremony! Their first look was just, I mean no words can explain it. See for yourself.

After their first look, they wanted a minute to themselves and little Ella decided to join them too. Yes, another precious moment!

Once I finished with the family photos I headed to the Fantasea Yacht!

The Fantasea Yacht provided a photographer who took photos of all the guests before boarding. Later the guests were provided with a photo print for them to keep. wasn’t that nice?The reception room was very simple but beautiful and I just loved the those amazing windows which let amazing natural light in.

Instead of a guest book Jenn & Chad had a super cute lifesaver. I just LOVED it!

The flowers arrived to the hotel just before I left to the Yacht, which actually worked out pretty good because I was able to have a little fun in the captain’s cabin. The wedding party were SUPER, SUPER sweet!

Jennifer had that bridal glow! They wrote their own vows and they were beautiful! But what totally & completely MELTED MY HEART, was the moment Chad started reading something he wrote for little Ella, I almost lost it behind the camera. I wish I could remember exactly what he said but I just remember it was beautiful

I LOVE  the fact that Ella was part of their ceremony and even though she probably does not know what was going on, someday when she is older enough to understand and she looks at the photos, she will know she was part of a very special and lovely day.

Then it got even sweeter, Jennifer and Chad presented a ring for little Ella as well.

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Petty!

The following three photos are my FAVORITE!

After the ceremony The FantaSea Yacht took off and we sailed away for a couple of hours.

I am not going to lie, I did ENJOY sailing. Maybe a little too much.

A kiss before their first dance.

Don’t they look AMAZING! DSC_4849-2 Chad also had a short & sweet dance with little Ella.

Prepare to laugh! So this gorgeous girl caught the bouquet and the gentleman in front of her caught the garter. The DJ asked this gentleman to put the garter on the gorgeous girl’s leg, but he had to be blind folded.

Once he was blind folded Chad took the girl’s place and it was just HILARIOUS!!

But not as hilarious as the gentleman’s reaction when he found out there have been a small change of plans.

Sunnycrest Photographer- Houston Wedding Photographer.What a GORGEOUS wedding day! I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be your photographer. It was amazing working with you and your family. Thank you for sharing your day with me and for reminding me why I LOVE my job. 🙂

Happy Day & Remember To Accessorize.

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