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Crystal McLennan a former bride of mine knows all about Vintage Chic.Not long ago, she put together the most GORGEOUS Vintage Chic wedding I have ever seen or shot. She had a vision for her wedding day and she brought it to life. It all started back to her grandfather, who used to take Crystal’s mother on excursions buying antiques. Fortunately for Crystal this passion for vintage chic was encouraged by her mother. I like what Crystal says, “I will always believe that my mother got the “vintage chic” vibe long before it became popular”.

Now that her wedding has passed, she is left with all of these amazing vintage pieces that as she puts it, “are too special & precious to be kept hidden” And because she had a hard time finding a place where she could get everything she was looking for and envisioned, she has now decided to open up an all vintage company where she will able to rent all these unique pieces.

Be sure to check out Where you will find everything you need for your lavish affair. Good luck Crystal in your new adventure. I am very excited for you and I know your passion, love and dedication for all things vintage chic will make your company flourish.

Happy Vintage Chic Day!

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