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Wedding at The Houstonian.Houston Wedding Photographer.

Mark & Alex are just so made for each other! Mark is so funny and Alex is a complete sweetheart, they are just the perfect pair. I had the privilege to shoot their wedding May 26, 2012. Their ceremony was held at Calvary chapel which is a very important place for them, a place full of history, therefore it was the perfect place to celebrate their commitment in front of their family and closest friends.

I actually met Mark & Alex through Julie who referred me to this lovely couple. Aren’t my brides the best? Yes, they are! Well, here are my absolute favorite photos from the wedding day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Alex was just elated, as every bride should be on their wedding day.

A priceless moment.

Waiting for his beautiful princess.

A very simple, intimate, loving & beautiful ceremony.

Love how Mark is so HAPPY showing off his wedding band!

In-love & HAPPY!

There is something about this photo that I just I LOVE.

As soon as we arrived to The Houstonian we headed to get some photos of the bride & groom. Alex made sure we stopped by this really charming swinging bench, she just loved it.

Simple yet lovely.

This photo of the happy couple is MY FAVORITE from the day. The Houstonian has some very lovely spots for photos.

I LOVE this photo my second shooter captured.from their bubbly exit. I know is not your typical focused photo but It has a little something, something that I LOVE.

What can I say? It was the perfect day for Alex & Mark, the most in-love & sweet couple to get married. Thank You so much for allowing me to be part of your celebration. I know an amazing future is ahead of you guys full of love, happiness, health and many, many blessings.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my second shooter Janeth for being the best and most talented. Thank you sweetheart.

Happy Day!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding at The Houstonian.Houston Wedding Photographer.

  1. Congratulations!!!
    Mark & Alex…May you continue to grow in love
    and respect for each other. – Eph 5:33
    Have a lasting and happy life together; what God
    has yoked together let no man put apart. Your photo
    shoot was great!…

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