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$1 Yellow Wedges. Houston Wedding Photographer.

Experimenting, that’s what I am all about. A couple of months ago I bought some cute white wedges for $1 at a garage sale. Yes, I LOVE garage sales! I am a total believer that someone’s junk is another girl’s treasure. They were pretty much new but they were a bit dirty and it looks like some brown glue fell on it and stained it. Other than that new. I like the shoes when I bought them but I felt like hey could use a nice make over. The timing was perfect, I had been itching to spray paint and do something crafty with shoes and someone gave me some yellow spray paint because everyone knows I am crazy about DIY crafts.

Here is what I used; spray paint and masking tape.

I wanted to keep the original color of the heel and so I put tape over it to protect it. Covering the heel was probably the hardest thing because I had to take my time and be very careful to follow the curvy lines of the wedge, but it was worth it. I also wanted to keep the inside of the shoe the original color, therefore I also covered it with tape. However, that was kind of difficult and I am a bit of a perfectionist, I did not like how it looked and so I also ended up spray painting it. This was my first time attempting this so maybe the next time I can come up with a better technique.

The finished product. I LOVE IT! This is a great addition because I did not have anything yellow and it’s such a pretty and vibrant color and I only spent $1!

Happy Crafty Day!

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