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The Hem Of Some Pants. Houston Wedding Photographer.

Singer, that’s the brand of my new sawing machine! I am so excited, I cannot even put it into words. Here is the thing, until a couple of weeks ago I did not know anything about how to use a sewing machine. I mean I still do not know much about it, YET. I am learning how to use it little by little, slowly but surely. At least now I am not afraid to turn it on. 🙂

So you might wonder, why do you have a sewing machine if you do not know how to use it? Well, my AMAZING family saw me sewing things by hand here and there, the hem of some pants, that kind of thing. They saw me become crafty and because the are the most supportive family ever, they decided to surprise me with a sewing machine! Aren’t they AMAZING!!! You know you have a great family when they celebrate the littlest things you accomplish. 🙂

They surprised me with this thoughtful machine on Loli’s birthday. They said that I deserved it because I am such a good mama! I know! So SWEET. I was just OVERJOYED.

I am so excited to start so many sewing projects! Nothing big but nevertheless, EXCITED! I don’t know, Project Runway WATCH OUT! Just kidding or am I? 🙂

Happy Sewing Day!

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