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Wedding At The Belle Rose Maison. Houston Wedding Photographer.

Cannot believe I had not posted Reiss & Sarah’ s wedding! Hello! They were like one of my favorite couples ever. :)I know I say this A LOT but I honestly loved them from the moment we met. Let me tell you a quick funny story of our first meeting; We scheduled to meet one evening back in December in a part of town I was not very familiar with. So I called Sarah for a little help to find the Starbucks where we were meeting. Here is the funny part, I think. Somehow I clicked the Pandora button on my phone before calling Sarah, so while I was talking to Sarah I was hearing this loud music and I could not hear her! I kept telling her I cannot hear you, there is some loud music playing! I bet she was like WHAT??? And I was like Starbucks is playing some really loud music!! Once I hung up I realized that music was coming from my phone!!! Yep, I felt real SILLY. πŸ™‚ We had a good laugh once I told her what happened.

Enough with the funny stories. These LOVELY, SWEETHEARTS celebrated their love April 7, 2012 at The Belle Rose Maison in Conroe, TX. I hope you enjoy their day as much as I enjoyed it. Here are my favorite photos:

A precious, priceless gift, grandma’s handkerchief.

Isn’t Sarah just BEAUTIFUL?

The groomsmen and groomsgirl.

These girls were sweet as ice cream. If I would have left them a little more time in the sun they would have melted. πŸ™‚

We had a couple of minutes to spare before the ceremony so I took a couple of photos of this GORGEOUS GIRL.

The ceremony started at 4pm and so it was very, very bright by the ceremony site. Therefore I was mainly shooting from the back and from the side in order to get good light.

This is what HAPPY looks like:

The wedding party were SO MUCH FUN! Can’t you tell?

Every princess need a carriage to take her away with her prince. In this case there’s no carriage. There is something better, a truck, THE Truck that started it all.

Sarah & Reiss, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so AMAZING & SWEET! I t was my pleasure capturing your memories.Blessings, Love & Happiness.

Happy Day!

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