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This past weekend we took a trip to one of our favorite State Parks. We did not let a little rain stop us from getting away from the city for a bit and relax.It actually turned out to be a beautiful day, thanks to the rain, the weather was rather cool and enjoyable.

Due to the fact that it was raining, my cameras did not come with me. So my only chance to capture anything was my camera phone, which by the way did pretty well.

My family LOVES fishing, unfortunately they did not catch any fish, but at least they caught the bait, which technically is still fish, tiny but still a fish, right?

I don’t really like fishing. What I like to do is to walk the trails with the pups and take pictures of anything that catches my eye. Yesterday before coming back home, we walked a different trail and I found this GORGEOUS flower! I just LOVED the colors and the very interesting shape. Have you ever seen anything like it? I had not, until yesterday.

We had a FANTASTIC & RELAXED Day. Nothing compares to spending time with the people you LOVE and nature.

Happy & Relax Day!

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