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Destined For Greatness; Houston Wedding Photographer.

One of my dearest friends is moving to New York City next week. Even though I will miss her, I just cannot seem to feel sad about her leaving. In the contrary I am just so happy and proud of her for being bold and brave and for not giving up on her dreams. Since I have been on a crafty train for the past weeks, I thought it would nice to make a lovely going away gift for my darling.

I wanted her to take a little something to New York City to remember her dear Texas by, but not just anything, It had to be a true Texan, just like her (She LOVES Texas). So I picked a peach seed from a little tree that is growing on my backyard. The sea salt which besides looking really cool, represents our friendship lasting forever because salt never goes bad, it lasts a lifetime and beyond. Awwww!!

Sarah, I know you are destined for greatness and I am just so Thankful to know you. God Bless you and You better Stay in touch or no more crafts for you! 🙂

Happy Day!

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One thought on “Destined For Greatness; Houston Wedding Photographer.

  1. Lol, Patty, I adore you. You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met and anyone, especially your clients, can attest to your attention to detail and kindness.

    You are talented, beautiful and courageous. Can’t wait to watch as your destiny unfolds.



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