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Mercer Arboretum Engagement Session; Houston Wedding Photographer.

A friend of Sarah’ s invited her to go play pool with him and another friend (Reiss). Sarah’s friend asked her if it was OK for this new guy to pick them up? Sure, Sarah replied. Well, it turned out that this new guy showed up in a Dodge truck and let’s just say Sarah had never been a fan of them. But, she thought she would give this guy a chance. As soon as Sarah and Reiss were introduced, they had this instant CONNECTION! They had so many things in common, it was unbelievable. Specially when it came to music. Sarah was a big fan of a rock band that no one had ever heard of and she was pleasantly surprised when she learned that Reiss knew them and was also a big fan.

Ever since that night Sarah & Reiss were pretty much inseparable, despite the fact they lived pretty far away from each other. Every weekend for about 5 years Reiss drove a good distance to see Sarah and that definitely impressed her. Last July Reiss proposed and of course she yes to him and his Dodge truck. 🙂

It was such a pleasure to shoot their engagement session back in February at the Mercer Arboretum. Here are my favorite photos from the day, Enjoy!

B&W photos are my FAVORITE! I just LOVE them. Color is great but B&W rules my heart. 🙂

Sarah & Reiss were both AMAZINGLY relaxed and that just made everything much more enjoyable and smooth.

I LOVED the fact that Reiss made it his business to make Sarah laugh and have fun. They are just so perfect for each other.

Sarah you are just SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

LOVE this shot!!! Everything is prefect; Sarah looks GORGEOUS and the light is AMAZING. LOVE overcast days.

I just have to say, I LOVE these two to pieces!! They are the sweetest, the loveliest, the most laid back  & down to earth couple ever.

LOVE to see my clients genuinely having fun!

My favorite thing about engagement sessions is the fact that I get to know my clients much more. I get to see how they interact with each other, I get to hear the story of how they met and hopefully I can get their minds off the sometimes stressful wedding planning process and remind them to just have a little fun and enjoyed being engaged.

I am happy to inform that Sarah & Reiss just tied the knot this past Saturday at the       Belle Rose Maison in Conroe. Congratulations guys!!! I LOVED every minute of your celebration. Have fun on your cruse.

Happy Day!

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