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DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece; Houston Wedding Photographer.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a photo of a beautiful new wall decor in her house and I just loved it. It was simple yet beautiful. I was so inspired by it, so  I immediately started look for ideas to create something myself. One thing let to another and somehow I remember that Easter was around the corner and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start a new project. Needless to say I was so EXCITED!!! My goal here was to create a centerpiece that would serve two purposes, 1) To decorate my dinning table and 2) As little gifts for my friends and family as a thank you for being AMAZING!

I wanted to use only things I already had, the only thing I bought was the candy. Here is what I used:

Eggs shells. I love to eat eggs so collecting the shells was really easy. I just made a tiny hole at the tip of the shell big enough to stuff the candy. I could have used hard boiled eggs but, I wanted to stuff them with candy, plus it would have been a waste. I rather eat the egg and save the shell. 🙂

Paint bottles.

Stickers. Yes, I just happened to have Hello Kitty stickers. What can I say I am a fan.:)

Sticky notes. I wanted to include a sweet note, to let my family and friends know how much I appreciate them.

Candy or Stuffing goodies.

Like I said, candy was the only thing I bought.

Small pasta. To add a little bit of texture to my final centerpiece.

The process: I pasted a couple of stickers on the egg shell and then sprayed painted it.

I used the egg carton and plastic knives to help my eggs dry. I let them dry for a whole day just make sure. Once they were dry, I pealed the stickers off and Voila!!

Spray painting was a bit harder in the beginning. I have to admit that some of the eggs did not come out good. I sprayed a bit too much and the paint went under the sticker. After considering getting new shells and staring over, a great idea came to me. I decided to put stickers on the bad painted eggs and re-paint them all blue. So now the polka dots were colorful instead of white. That was actually kind of nice, I would have never thought of it.

I wrote a little something on the sticky note, pasted it on the candy and stuffed it last.

This is what my friends and family will get, a cute little stuffed with candy Easter egg. Hope they like it, as much I liked making them. 🙂

In the mean time before I give them out they are decorating my dinning table. As well as bringing joy and cuteness to my day.

Happy Day!!!

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