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Wedding at The Ashton Villa; Houston Wedding Photographer.

Maggie & Todd tied the knot December 17, 2011 at The Ashton Villa in Galveston. (Love Galveston!). I was SUPER excited to shoot their wedding day because I already knew it was going to be LOVELY & SWEET. Just like them, just like their engagement session. Everyone got ready at The Hotel Galvez so that’s where I started shooting. Here are my favorite photos from their wedding day, Enjoy!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shooting details in hotels. LOVE IT! There is just so much inspiration all around.

Even just a simple drawer can be inspiring, specially when you pair it up with the perfect bouquet.

Maggie wore the most BEAUTIFUL & ROMANTIC wedding dress ever.The Princess Bridal is responsible for such beauty.

Something new!

Maggie got a bit emotional when she saw her nephew dressed up. So sweet!

A friend of Maggie did her hair and make up and they both swear that The Dior foundation is AMAZING!

Maggie, your best accessory is and will always be your smile. 🙂

I LOVE Maggie’s sweatshirt.

Maggie was so happy about how her toes matched the color of her shoes and she was really excited about her snowflake design on her big toes. Isn’t  that cute?

Once the veil is on, what’s next? The dress maybe?

Maggie’s sister and maid of honor was there the whole time making sure the bride looked her best.

The dress is ON! This moment always bring a smile to a bride’s face.

Maggie got so emotional seeing her father and trust me so did he. It was a beautiful and sweet moment!

And it just got sweeter and sweeter.

Last minute details.

I just LOVED Maggie’s girls! They were just so ATTENTIVE and so SWEET. Maggie was their number one priority. That’s what I call AMAZING bridesmaids.

Before heading out to church Maggie took a minute with each of her bridesmaids to thank them for everything. That’s how close these girls are.

Since everyone got ready at the same hotel, I thought I would try something new. A couple of days before their wedding day I came across a photo from Pinterest and I just fell in-love with it. Basically the idea was for the bride and groom to stand behind a door holding hands without seeing each other. Funny thing, when I told Maggie that I wanted to try that Idea, she told me she had just seen that photos on Pinterest as well and she love it too. It was so meant to be. 🙂

The ceremony took place at the Beautiful St. Joseph’s Church.

I think that walking down the aisle is one of the most beautiful moments that a bride experiences. Having her father by her side, seeing her family and friends there supporting her. What a joyous feeling!

The best part is, at the end of the aisle, there is a man who loves you more than anything, waiting for you. That is just a dream come true to every bride, and every girl. It’s so good, you just cannot help but to cry.

The ceremony was super sweet, heartfelt and of course laughter could not left out. I mean if you ask me to describe them as a couple with only one word, it would just have to be “Laughter”

The only request Maggie made, was to get a couple of photos in front of the church’s red door. And I was like, No biggie. My pleasure. 🙂

The first dance as husband and wife will always be one of my favorite things. It will NEVER get old. NEVER.

A BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to Janet from RainyDayPhotos for being my second shooter during the reception. Janet captured the following four beautiful photographs.

Needless to say the center pieces were just DELIGHTFUL!

I JUST LOVE this photograph! I believe Janet captured it while Maggie’s wedding dress was getting bustled. In the mean time Todd took care of the bouquet.

As I look at this photo, s very sweet and cute memory comes to mind. Todd’s father gave a toast in which he said the following, today Maggie, McGrew into a McBride. So clever and sweet!

THANK YOU!!! Maggie and Todd for being such a PLEASURE to work with, for reminding me how much I LOVE my job, for sharing such a BEAUTIFUL and SWEET day with me. THANK YOU.

My wish for you is, that you guys continue to love each other as much as you have and more, that you continue to laugh together and be each other’s strength.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding at The Ashton Villa; Houston Wedding Photographer.

  1. susan on said:

    This is the most beautiful wediing I have ever not been invited to.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment!
    It really was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Not only that, the bride & groom are just so lovely & sweet. I just ADORE them. 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by!

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