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I decided to do my Christmas shopping early and by early I mean in the beginning of December. Anyway, I was shopping for a sweater and I found two that I liked. I was so undecided, I kept looking at them trying to make up my mind but I couldn’t. I thought to myself, I’ll just carry them both and wait until it’s time to pay and then I will have to decide. Then, I happened to look at the tag from one of the sweaters, it just caught my attention and I began to read.

“My Grandfather was a tailor, it never provided him great wealth, but he was rich in skill and love for his craft. I chose the symbol of the garment shear as a reminder of a time when craftsmanship wasn’t mechanically engineered, but rather measured the skill of the maker. I am pleased to have the opportunity to offer this garment to you. It’s workmanship would have made my grandfather proud”. Marc Ecko. (Cut & Sew)

Once I read that, my mind was made up. I just fell in love with the lovely story and the meaning behind it. I was no longer just buying just a sweater but I was taking with me a little piece of Marc’s love for his grandfather and his love garments.

Then I also thought, that’s what I want my clients to feel about my photography when they read the About me on my website. To feel that they are not just hiring a photographer to capture their beautiful day, but that they are taking a piece of my love for photography with them. 🙂

Happy Day!

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