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Las Velas Bridal Session; Houston Wedding Photographer.

Kamesha besides being GORGEOUS is one of the sweetest girls I have ever worked with. I just loved her from the the first email she sent me, she was super friendly, she knew what she wanted and how she wanted it. Specially when it came to her wedding, she was going to be a DIY bride and that was exciting!

I was incredibly excited when she told me she was interested in a bridal session. I mean there is nothing better than shooting a gorgeous girl, wearing a beautiful dress at an amazing location such as Las Velas Houston. I shoot her bridal session back in August and her photos are finally making their way into the blog, so here are my favorite ones. Enjoy!

Kamesha has that smizing (smiling with your eyes) down to perfection.

I will pick a venue with big beautiful windows any day of the week, That’s all.

Isn’t She lovely, Isn’t she wonderful, Isn’t she precious. Stevie Wonder.

Las Velas Houston is truly an INCREDIBLE venue. There is inspiration every where you look and Kamesha was the cherry on top of a delicious cake.

Kamesha is a natural beauty, as you can tell she was barely wearing any make up. She is effortlessly chic.

The following photo is MY FAVORITE from the day. I JUST LOVE IT! I love it so much, that I made it my Facebook profile picture.

You just cannot take a bad picture, you are just so beautiful.

Thank you so much Kamesha for a fun and amazing day. I could have not asked for a better client, you were so inspiring, easy to work with and delightfully sweet.

Happy Day!

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