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Hermann Park Engagement Session;Houston Wedding Photographer.

Keishawna & Chris met at church, where Keishawna is a praise dancer. During Chris’s second visit to church he Saw Keishawna’s praise dance and immediately knew she was the one. He approached her after church service, but she was not interested. The next day while Keishawna was teaching a single’s bible study, she mentioned to the class that when her husband showed up he would have to be OK with double dating. In the middle of class Chris blurted out “So that’s how we are going to start our courtship.” Keishawna ignored him and continued teaching.

After class Chris approached her one more time and asked her if she was ready to go on that double date. She was embarrassed and rudely declined, but Chris left his phone number hoping she would change her mind. Later on she felt bad about her rude response and text him to apologize, but still had no interest in going out on a date. Chris now had her number which helped him to win her over and eventually he got that date. They have been inseparable ever since.

Over dinner on Christmas Eve 2010 Chris proposed and Keishawna said YES!!! On September 17, 2011 they will start their new life together as husband and wife. Here are my favorite photos from their engagement session at Hermann Park, enjoy!

I LOVE Keishawna, she is an AMAZING woman! The type of woman you want to be around all day long. She always has an encouraging, uplifting and sweet email and I truly appreciate that.

I always say, is not about the place, it’s THE COUPLE and THE LOVE they share that makes a photograph truly AMAZING.

I had a tooth ache during the engagement session because Keishawna is SO SWEET. 🙂

Keishawna reads my blog all the time, which I appreciate SO MUCH! She is always sending me emails telling me how much she loves my work, she is just a sweetheart. A couple of months ago I posted an engagement session sneak peek which took place at Hermann Park and she really LOVED IT! So I figured this would be the place where we would do her session.

I fell IN-LOVE with this patch of beautiful and warm light. I just could not resist and grabbed some shots.

Keishawna & Chris LOVE to play Scrabble, so they wanted to incorporate it into the session and I was thrilled! I always encourage my clients to bring whatever its important to them, it just makes the session even more special.

My FAVORITE photo. I just LOVE IT!

I found out that when Keishawna is really focused on the game she perks up her lips.

and she has a winning dance to celebrate her Scrabble victories. 🙂

September 17 is right around the corner and I just cannot wait to celebrate with you guys. I am looking forward to capturing all the precious moments that will hopefully make smile.

Happy Monday!

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