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Wedding at the San Luis Resort;Houston Wedding Photographer.

Kristin & Connor’s wedding took place at the San Luis Resort in Galveston, May 21, 2011. This was my first time shooting a wedding here and I hope It’s not the last because I just LOVED this hotel.

But do you know what I LOVE more? My girl Kristin, she is just all around WONDERFUL. We exchanged a couple of mails before we met and one among other things that I LOVED about Kristin was that she was not afraid to write. There is nothing that I LOVE more than a bride writing long emails telling me about not just her wedding but about herself. I want to see if we click, like I did with Kristin. But having a connection was not only important to me but it was also VERY important to Kristin as well, so from the beginning we just hit it off. Now, let’s get to the best part of a blog post, the pictures. Here are my favorite photos from the day, Enjoy!

It’s always a good idea to bring a photo of the hair style you want.

I like this photo, to me it says “waiting to be beautified even more than I already am”

I love the fact that the hotel has a spa where the bride has the option to get her hair and make up done. It’s very convenient and the staff is super friendly.

I love when brides share pictures before the wedding. Kristin shared among other pictures, the picture of her hair accessories, which she was very excited about because it matched her pearl jewelry.

One last picture before heading to Kristin’s room to shoot her details.

I LOVE Kristin’s dress. It’s simple yet beautiful just like her.

Kristin wanted her wedding day to be very relaxed and laid back and even her details like her sandals embodied that.

I had SO MUCH fun shooting Kristen’s details!! You KNOW I LOVE me some details. šŸ™‚

A gift from Kristin to Connor.

A gift from Connor to Kristin. LOVED the fact that Connor kept in mind that Kristin was wearing pearls. So sweet!

The heirloom, passed down from Kristin Grandmother.

LOVE this photo, there is something romantic and soft about it. Also, I just LOVE hotels with huge windows because the lighting is FABULOUS.

Kristin did not have any bridesmaids but her best friend Courtney was there for her.

Minutes away from walking down the aisle, Oh the anticipation!

I am so IN-LOVE with this photograph. I just LOVE the emotion in Kristin’s face, It’s beautiful.

The ceremony was sweet & short but heartfelt.

Officially Husband and Wife!

After the ceremony everyone ran inside the hotel to cool down, doing the family photos outside was out of the question. So I looked around the hotel for the perfect spot and by a perfect spot I mean a spot with lots of beautiful natural light and after the family photos we took a couple of minutes to get some AMAZING Bride & Groom portraits.

The camera LOVES YOU and so do I.

Kristin & Connor made a simple door work like nobody’s business.

That window was my best friend, it gave me light and I gave it a good usage. Isn’t that what friendship is about?

Kristin does it hurt? Does it hurt to be SO BEAUTIFUL!! šŸ™‚

Working with Kristin was so much FUN and so INSPIRING!

Kristin is so GRACEFUL! I am going to guess it has something to do with the fact that she used to be a ballerina.

But this BEAUTY has also got some brains and I think you might need that if you are an engineer, right?

This is one of Kristin’s favorite photos and I LOVE it too.

I always arrive at least twenty minutes earlier at the wedding site to check it out and try to find the best possible spots for photos. When I arrived at the hotel and saw this telescope I just knew this would be a great place for some photos and It was.

The first dance is always one of my favorite moments from the wedding day! Why? it’s just such a sweet moment shared as husband & wife.

And or course the father & daughter dance. I swear I was fighting tears as I was shooting this so very emotional and beautiful moment.

But as soon as Connor & his mother came to the dance floor we all wiped our tears and put on a big smile. šŸ™‚Kristin & Connor…. I LOVED working with you guys so much. I feel so lucky to have been the one who captured your day. I have to admit, I am going to be very sad when I deliver the album to you guys because it will be saying good-bye to this beautiful relationship that I just don’t want to let go. šŸ˜¦ But whenever I get the blues I will read this very lovely comment from Kristin:

And OMG OMG OMG. I cried when I looked through the pictures. They are just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you thank you thank you – i cannot wait to show Connor when he gets home! I just know that your business will grow and grow with beautiful work like that.

Happy Monday!

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