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Kristin was living in Baton Rouge, LA and Connor was living in Birmingham, LA. His best friends (married couple Courtney and Trent) moved to Baton Rouge, LA after graduation. Kristin met Courtney at work since they are both engineers, in fact all four are engineers.

Cupid has a simple plan for them to meet, as simple as this: Courtney and Trent had bought a new house, Kristin was invited to see it and Connor happened to be in town that weekend water-skiing with Trent. Trent decided to take his boat out on the lake on Sunday and invited Kristin to come along. That Sunday was the first afternoon Kristin spent with Connor. She approached him first since they ended up sitting next to each other on the boat and since Connor is a bit shy. Connor went back to Birmingham after that weekend but they stayed in touch, neither of them expecting it to go anywhere but they just clicked. For a whole year they did the long distance thing, until Kristin moved to Houston, that’s when Connor was able to get a job here.

Stay tuned, there are more photos coming soon to the blog from Kristin & Connor’s beautiful wedding which took place May 21, 2011. At the San Luis Resort in Galveston.

Happy Monday!!

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