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Wedding At The Bella Elegante.Houston Wedding Photographer.

I met Andrea & Chris the day of their wedding. A dear photographer friend of mine had a last minute family emergency and she trusted me enough to shoot this wedding for her. Let me tell you about this dear friend of mine. I truly appreciate her, she has helped me in the past and referred clients to me. She has been an AWESOME friend. I always pondered on what I could buy for her to thank her for being such a doll, but I never found the right gift. So to me shooting this wedding was a way to say THANK YOU for all you have done for me.

The only contact I ever had with Andrea was through a phone call a couple of days before the wedding and I immediately loved her. She was so sweet, considerate and lovely.

Andrea & Chris tied the knot March 5, 2011 and It was a very beautiful day, a day fit for the princess that she was, is and will be.  Here are my favorite photos of the day, enjoy!

Her smile is contagious.  🙂

I will never get tired of shooting the bride getting ready with mom’s help.

As soon as I saw a window in the bridal room, I knew we had to use this BEAUTIFUL light for some quick portraits.

Gorgeous light + GORGEOUS bride = GORGEOUSNESS.

Yeah, she totally rocked that window light!

Their reception was held at Bella Elegante Downtown, a very lovely place. But what was even lovelier was their first dance. So SWEET! See for yourself:

My favorite from their first dance.

Andrea & her step father during the father & daughter dance. I love the fact that Chris is in the background, he makes the photo even more amazing.

I usually do not like when there are mirrors at wedding venues, because of  flash reflections. So to avoid it, I shoot at a different angle and I actually love how this photo came out. The mirror actually made this photo even better. 🙂

Aren’t they LOVELY! These two lovebirds were dancing all night and I mean ALL NIGHT!

We did not have much time at the church to get some B&G portraits so I stole Andrea & Chris during their reception to shoot some quick photos. Here is my favorite.

And this princess and prince lived happily ever after. 🙂

Last but not least, last month I received a very lovely email from Andrea. It’s so sweet, I would like to share it:

Dear Patty,THANK YOU !! Thank you Thank you so very much for the lovely work you did at our wedding! Chris and I were stunned by the amazing pictures you took of our ceremony and reception. We have been showing everyone. You are a very talented photographer.Thank you again! Sincerely, Andrea and Chris.

Happy Monday!

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