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Ranada & Eddie’s Beautiful Wedding;Houston Wedding Photographer.

I met Ranada July last year and from the first meeting I knew she was an amazing woman and I wanted to work with her. One of the first things she told me was, that she was a fourth grade math and science teacher. I could tell she had a passion for it and I loved that. So I was really excited when she sent me a text that night and told me she wanted to work with me.

Later on I joined Facebook and I got to know Ranada a little bit more and my first good vibes about her were confirmed. I discovered that she is not only smart and sweet, but she is also kind, determined, has a beautiful soul and a loving heart. So without sounding too corny, on her wedding day I felt like I was shooting a good friend’s wedding. 🙂

So without any further ado, let me share my favorite photos from this lovely wedding. Enjoy!

Eddie’s happy face as he sees Ranada for the first time. Awwww!

I was so THRILLED to shoot at a church with huge windows that allowed natural light in. It just made the photographs even more amazing. Oh, and the fact that I was allowed to move around made me very HAPPY too!

I LOVE this shot! There is nothing sweeter than a candid moment between the bride & the groom.

I had never shot a catholic wedding before so I was very excited to shoot my first one. Now that I have experienced it, I cannot wait to shoot more. I just fell in-love with all  the symbolic details and rituals that are part of it. it makes sense, you know I LOVE ME SOME DETAILS!

Simple but BEAUTIFUL!

Not only was the cake beautiful but it was YUMMY too!

More YUMMY treats.


We did not have time for bride & groom portraits at the church but I was determined to get some AMAZING shots of  Ranada & Eddie. So once they arrived at the reception, I suggested to go outside really quick and have some fun.  Besides details, B&G portraits is one of my favorite things to shoot. I always look forward to it and so do my clients.

PS. Ranada & Eddie, you guys were so amazing and fun to shoot. I wish I could do it all over again, that’s how amazing you guys are.

The following is my FAVORITE photo I think. Well, I love all of them. 🙂

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo. Ranada you look so ELEGANT, so BEAUTIFUL and so DREAMY.

I remember telling Ranada to give me some attitude, you know you look GORGEOUS, so bring it. That’s all it took for this girl to BRING IT!!

There is something so beautiful and special about showing love and gratitude to those who are very important to you. Sometimes voicing that strong and pure love makes you cry. That’s what happened with Ranada & a very lovely friend of hers. It was truly a BEAUTIFUL moment.

The picture says it all but I will chip in. Everyone had an AWESOME time.

I love blogging photos, I do! Specially wedding photos. It just brings back so many amazing memories that makes me smile and it reminds me why I love so much what I do. So THANK YOU Ranada & Eddie for trusting me with your day. I wish you guys all the best that life has to offer. Oh, and make sure you take tons of pictures when you guys go to Jamaica for the HONEYMOON!!!

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