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She let go, embraced her beauty and BROUGHT IT;Houston Wedding Photographer.

I shoot a bridal session last Thursday and It was INCREDIBLY AMAZING in soooo many ways!! I am not even kidding. First of all my bride looked GORGEOUS, second of all the venue was beautiful but most importantly, she ROCKED that session like nobody’s business. From the moment I started shooting I noticed this calm energy about her, I even commented it on it because I wanted her to know that, I loved the fact that she was calm, that the photos were looking amazing because she was calm and to assure her and therefore she could keep bringing that energy throughout the session.

After my comment she told me that she had read in wedding blogs and websites that the number one thing past brides advice future brides is, to stay calm and have fun during the wedding day, engagement sessions or bridal sessions. I could not have agreed more with her. I was like AMEN!!

So she not only stayed calm, but as the session progressed, she brought her confidence to another level. She was not second guessing herself, she was not thinking about the poses too much, she just let GO, embraced her beauty and BROUGHT IT. It was so important for me to give her feedback, to let her know how amazing she was doing, to let her know she could never do wrong, that it was OK to have fun and to enjoy the moment.

This session was so intense, I mean I found myself out of breath a couple of times because I could barely keep up with her, it was like pose after pose she was bringing it, even though she is not a professional model. At the end of the session, we all felt AMAZING!! She enjoyed the session, she felt beautiful, she had fun, she went home happy and I felt sooooo inspired by her. She made my day. 🙂

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