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Engagement session;Houston Wedding Photographer.

So excited to finally post Ranada & Edmund’s engagement session! I had to the pleasure to come out and shoot their session back in January to Downtown Houston and I could have not been any more excited because I LOVE DOWNTOWN!!!!!! Before I forget, I need to thank this lovely couple because Ranada said to me, “We will let you choose the location for our engagement session, we trust your vision”. How lovely was that? That just gave me another reason to try my hardest and give them some amazing photographs. Also, the timing for this post could not better because their wedding is actually taking place this upcoming Saturday March 19th!! So excited about shooting their wedding as well. Anyway, I had a blast shooting their session, time just seemed to fly by and to me that’s always a good sign. Here are my favorite photos from the session. Enjoy!

I LOVED this photograph from the moment I captured it. It was a lovely candid moment that just made my heart melt.

Ranada LOVED this one so much she made it her profile picture on Facebook and I was over the moon.

Whisper away Edmund, whatever it is you are whispering is totally working. πŸ™‚

The lighting was unbelievably beautiful. So beautiful woman + beautiful lighting=GORGEOUS PHOTO. I loved this photo so much that I made my profile photo in Facebook.

Another favorite from the day.

I could direct couples all day long but at the end of the day they are the ones that make the magic happen.

As I was taking this photograph my feet were doing the happy feet dance. I just LOVED this photo.Β 

I just love this shade of green on Ranada, it makes her even more beautiful if that’s even possible. Not anyone can pull green off but she made it look so chic.

I have to thank Edmund because he was such a sport during the session. He was up for anything, he made us laugh and he also gets Browne points for the super cool hat. I definitely encourage couples to bring accessories that reflect their personalities.Β  Almost forgot, if he makes it to the modeling world because we all agreed he has the potential, I just want to say I discovered him. πŸ™‚ Seriously he was super calm during the session, he was having fun and I caught him fiercely posing a couple of times. πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for an amazing day! I enjoyed working with you guys and I cannot wait to shoot your wedding. I will see you soon.

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