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Wedding Shoes; Houston Wedding Photographer.

About two weeks ago I shoot a lovely wedding, I was supposed to be there until 4pm to start shooting the bridal party, bride and groom portraits. However, I love shooting details; shoes, rings, etc. So I decided to get there about 30 minutes ahead and try to get a few shots. When I got there the bride was getting ready to put her dress on, shoes and everything. I was just trying to shoot as much as I could as fast as possible because I did not want to delay our day.

A couple of days later as I started to edit those photos I came to be my worse enemy. Why? Because I was staring at the picture of the shoes I had taken and I was not happy at all. All I kept thinking was, I should have done this, I should have done that, should have, should have, should have!. Later on, I was looking at this photographer’s website and I saw beautiful shoots of the bride’s details and of course I could not resist myself and I kept thinking; why did I not think of that? why am I not as creative as she is? That was just not a good day for me.

But the next day, being tired of having a pity party it hit me; “There is nothing wrong about admitting your weaknesses, then and only then you can work on them to strengthen them”. “But there is something wrong with comparing yourself to others and to keep dwelling in the past”. So I got rid off those bad feelings and I saw the big picture; the bride will be happy her lovely red shoes will be part of her story, I will be happy she is happy and most importantly I am embracing my work, and loving my picture of  the wedding shoes. Who would have ever thought wedding shoes can teach very valuable lessons. 🙂

PS. I wrote this post since Monday but I chicken out. Honestly no bride wants to read how her potential photographer doubted her own work. But I am not perfect neither as person nor as a photographer. If anything, If I am hard on myself is because I always want to provide my best work possible.

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