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2010 Favorite Wedding Photos; Houston Wedding Photographer.

2010 was an amazing year and It would not have been such an amazing year without all the lovely couples that allowed me to captured their beautiful and special day. Really, thank you so much guys. Since 2010 is almost over I thought it would be a great idea to post my favorite wedding photos from 2010. Enjoy!

Sandy & Tommy’s Wedding.

I love shoes! Specially when they are this gorgeous and colorful.

I lOVE this photo from Sandy & Tommy’s first dance. I just love the emotion captured, one can clearly see that Tommy could not be any happier. 🙂

This was from the father & daughter dance. It was a very sweet moment. Love it!.

Kelly & Jeffrey’s Wedding.

Kelley knew what she wanted and what she wanted was, lots and lots of photos of her and hubby Jeffrey. I was so psyched!

Kelley made my job so easy, I did not even have to give her much direction. She was naturally gracious and the camera loved her.

I stole Kelly for a minute during the reception and captured this BEAUTIFUL photo. LOVE IT!

This was my favorite photo from Kelly & Jeffrey’s wedding. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

Elegant, Playful & Timeless!

Sarah & Jame’s Wedding.

Love candid moments like this one!

Yep, I love shoes. 🙂

I loved their ceremony, it was fun and sweet at the same time.

Sometimes words aren’t necessary to describe  a moment.

Simple & Beautiful! Yet, memorable. I love this view.

Girls just want to have fun!

Girls and Groom just want to have fun. 🙂

One word, GORGEOUS!

A portrait of the bride & groom will never get old. Its actually one of my favorite parts of a wedding.

Jennifer & Josh’s Wedding.

I love shooting the bride’s details; shoes, rings, bouquets, etc.

Sexy bride!

Jennifer came up with a very funny idea for a picture. 🙂

Another lovely candid moment; Jennifer’s mom wanted to cry every time she saw Jennifer.

Jennifer was just glowing on her wedding day!

I thought it was very lovely that they  included their son in the ceremony.

Wedding party pictures should always be fun.


Love was in the air!

It was time for the bride & groom to make their grand entrance to the reception and I happened to captured these candid moments between these two lovebirds.

Jennifer could not stop smiling during the first dance.  She was just so happy!

The end of a wonderful day but the beginning of a wonderful future for Jennifer & Josh.

What a great year 2010 was. I feel so blessed to have been part of so many wonderful weddings and I cannot wait to see what 2011 will bring!

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