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Janeth’s Portraits; Houston Wedding Photographer.

Needless to say I LOVE  my job as a photographer and so every time I get a chance to shoot a I am like a kid on a candy store, so excited.  One of my favorite things about shooting girls is that I get the opportunity to remind them how beautiful and lovely they are, not that they need a reminder but who doesn’t like to hear a compliment.

Anyway, I had such a blast working with Janeth, she is very sweet, smart and kind and it just does not get any better that. Here are my favorite photos of the day:

This one was  the third photo I took and I just fell in-love with it. Her smile just made this photo so much more beautiful.

Do I smell potential in the modeling carrier? 🙂

You made my job so easy, all I had to do was to give you a little bit of direction but you knew how to roll with it and make it AMAZING!!

I take credit on the pose but that fierce face was all on Janeth, you go girl.

One word, GORGEOUS!!!

I thought about bringing my puppy Loli to the session, she sure loves to walk but I decided not to. 😦  Can you tell I missed her?

You know what’s beautiful? Confidence. So Janeth you are so beautiful.

I loved this wall, so of course we had involve it in the shoot.  I bet Janeth was like yes, that’s my dream having my picture taken by a bunch of peaches. 🙂 She was such a good sport, she trusted my vision and I love her for that.

Janeth thank you so much for an amazing  and fun day, It was a pleasure working with you. Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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