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Happy Birthday Fluffy;Houston Wedding Photographer.

Today is my baby Fluffy’s 4th birthday! I just have to say, I LOVE this precious puppy so much. Fluffy was my first puppy and so that’s makes him even more special. He is the sweetest, the kindest and the smartest.

I still remember the day when I took fluffy home; it was a late and cold night in January 2006, I was hanging out at AJ’s house, not feeling very well, I was a little feverish and so to make me feel better he told me about a neighbor who was giving two really cute puppies away. He knew I have been wanting to get a puppy since Christmas and so this was the perfect opportunity to get one.

So I went to see them and Fluffy, well at the time his name was actually Charlie. Anyway, him and his little sister were taking a nap but as soon as I got there he woke up and is like he knew what I was doing there and so he started to play and act all cute. So of course his plan worked because he caught my attention and I decided to take him with me. I LOVE YOU FLUFFY AND THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SO MUCH HAPPINESS INTO MY LIFE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY.

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