Sunnycrest Photography

My first camera was a film camera; Houston Wedding Photography.

How photography became my passion:

I was always surprised when I met somebody and they knew  exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. In a way, I was a little jealous because I had no idea what I wanted to be. I went from wanting to be a lawyer to a psychologist to majoring in French. It was a little bit frustrating because  I could not find  anything I was passionate about and I was at the point where I needed to choose a major at the University of Houston.

Soon I figured the only department I had not considered was arts. So once again I ventured to try to pick a field, there was painting, sculpture, graphic communications & photography. I would love to say that photography was my first choice but it was not, for a quick minute I actually considered graphic communications but then I realized it was not for me. Then I thought maybe photography? And so it was done  and I had made up my mind. Of course it was not rainbows & lollipops because right after I had finally made up my mind the counselor said to me;  “I just want to make sure that you know photography is not just about taking pretty pictures” and boy was she right! I know my way of picking a major was probably the worst way but I am so happy that regardless of how it happened I discovered photography.

Now, at this point I did not have any idea about how to use a camera, specially a film camera. At times I wanted to cry because I was so overwhelmed with the technicalities and about trying to make art and not just pretty pictures. However, there was somebody there for me to cheer me up (AJ).

So I attended school for about 2 semesters and then I had to take a break  due to  some financial issues.  At the time I had an office job which I actually loved but I decided to quit because I was not happy with the people  I was surrounded by. I am a happy and optimistic kind of gal and I do not like to be surrounded by negative people. It was a big devastating step to take because I knew that I was not going to be able to go back to school but I was not happy and that was more important to me.

So even though at first I was not in-love with photography, by the time I had to leave school I was completely head over heels and so I decided that I wanted to continue to work on it.  I had a bit of money saved up enough for a digital camera and so I bought myself a Nikon D80. I did not want to shoot random things I mean I did at first but then I remembered Craigslist. I had used it in the past to find models to shoot for school work and so I posted ads looking for models to work with for free & it was great.

Until one day a lovely bride email me  asking me if I would interested in shooting her very small wedding & I thought why not? Thinking why not was the best thought I have ever had because I fell l in love with weddings. After shooting that first wedding I knew that I wanted to capture beautiful stories forever and ever.

I love the fact that if I would have  never  taken that step of quitting my office job, which was so difficult because it changed my whole life, then  I am not sure I would be here today loving photographing weddings. I do not believe in coincidences, I know God had a different vision for me, it was in his plans for me to be where I am today. One must remember  when God closes one door he opens another.

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