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Put on a HAPPY FACE!

I started reading an amazing book: It’s your time by Joel Osteen and I found this really cool paragraph that I will like to share with the world. Here it is:

“A similar study found that we can catch each other’s good and bad emotions just like we can catch a cold. This study at Harvard followed nearly five thousand people for more than twenty years. The researchers found that happy people pass on their good moods to others they did not even know. And those feelings an last as long as a year.

The same study found that unhappiness can be passed on, too, but that sort of “infection” seems to be weaker than the happy version. The scientist said that a friend’s happy face has more positive influence on you than a $5, 000 raise.  The message is that even in tough economic times, hanging out with happy friends and family members can keep your spirits high.” Joel Osteen;Its your time, (p.98)

So put on a happy face, be positive despite whatever is going on in your life. Life is too short to be negative, to be a worry mess & as research shows, your negativity can be passed on to others. You know nobody likes to be surrounded by frowny faces. 🙂

By the way, how beautiful is the sunset on the photo I choose for this post! I took it a couple of years ago at a camping trip I took with my family.

P.S. there is no photoshop editing on the photo, the sunset truly was beautiful & colorful.

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