Sunnycrest Photography

Tanya & Donald; Houston Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure and honor to work with Patricia Pentecost from Plum Tree Studios.

The lovely wedding took place at The  Woodlands Resort on February 13, 2010.Here are my favorite photos of the day!

Donald was such a good sport and he made my job very easy:) Not only was he so easy to work with but he also had a great sense of humor!

Donald totally made Patricia and I sweat big time when he tricked us and told us that he was the best man and not the groom. I thought to myself, so did I just photographed the best man thinking he was the groom? Where is the groom?Then he just laughed and told us that he was the groom:)

I mean it did not make sense, Tanya the lovely bride had told us that the groom was next room by himself and when I met him he introduced himself  as Donald. He was so good at tricking us, that we even forgot that we already knew he was the groom:)

Yep, I love details! But you guys already knew that:0)

I love love love this photo!. Patricia had the great idea of getting this shot of the bride walking down the aisle from a balcony, to have a nice bird’s eye view. isn’t amazing? She has a great eye, doesn’t she?

Aren’t this colors amazing? it was so breath taking! The center pieces, the lighting, the cake, everything was just so beautiful.

Everyone had a blast with a photo booth. The guests could pick an accessory to complete a fun look for their photos then they posted their photos on a book along with a sweet thought so that the bride & groom can later look back and remember their day! How sweet was that?

Guys just want to have fun!

Party time!!!!!

I have to thank you Patricia Pentecost for allowing me to work with you, you are an amazing, fun & talented photographer. Working with you was an amazing experience!

Congratulations to Tanya & Donald!

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